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Rosé for Summer? You betcha.
Now that June has arrived, and Memorial Day is in the rear-view mirror, thoughts turn to summer activities. Baseball, apple pie, lake and beachside outings, and rosé wine, of course. But why rosé in summer? Cannot these gorgeous wines, representing all hues from pale, soft pinks to deep and concentrated just barely not reds, be enjoyed year-round? Well, of course they can. We'll drink rosé on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve. But there is something alluring about sitting next to a swimming pool on a hot and muggy day, or taking the sailboat out whilst a calm breeze blows and sipping a glass (or two or three) of rosé. These wines generally refreshing. They'll spend a short amount of time after pressing in contact with grape skins (red grape skins) and then the juice will run freely into a tank (this is called direct press and is generally how wines in Southern France/Provence and its environs are produced.) When wines are made this way they are bottled after a fairly short time in tank, and they will be fresh, displaying aromatics of raspberry and strawberry. When that juice hits the palate you'll be amazed by what is not overpowering flavors but rather nuanced components of fruit and floral elements, perhaps with a kiss of salinity and possibly stone and mineral. Just the right amount of acidity, combined with these fruit and non-fruit components are what help to make rosé wines perfect for these hot temperature summer afternoons and humid evenings. 

They've been making wines in Provence this way for hundreds of years--literally. And when you've been doing something for so you might say you've developed somewhat of an expertise in the subject. The folks at Chateau Peyrassol, under the leadership of Francoise Rigord, are highly acclaimed producers of direct press rosés. The '16 Commanderie de Peyrassol is a blend of Cinsault/Syrah/Grenache/Ugni Blanc. The fruit is picked in the middle of the night, so that the freshness of the juice is preserved. This is a very pale wine, light salmon in color, and you'll get mineral components. It's concentrated fruit opens up after just a few minutes in your glass. 

We are pleased to have this wine in inventory; take a look here to learn more and to order.

Cheers & L'Chayim.
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