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Had the good fortune of traveling in Eastern Europe (posted 6/4/18)

Drought, posted 4/14/15

Best Way to Close a Bottle of Wine (1/6/15)
Is cork still the optimal way to close a bottle? Let's take a look...

The Perfect Wine Accessories
When raising a glass of wine with friends and family, it is natural to engage in pleasant conversation - even the occasional good-natured debate - regarding certain topics that are near and dear to a wine drinker's heart. Which vintage is the best? Which snack is the perfect accompaniment for certain varietals? Please note that these are conversations and debates rather than arguments, as arguing is best left for the beer and tequila crowd. While the verbal sparring between sips is enjoyable, the truth is that most of these discussions are simply a matter of taste, and there really is no "best" or "perfect" that fits all wine drinkers. You may as well ask which color is best?

Serving Temperature
Does it matter at what temperature wine is served? Published 10/13/14

What is sabrage? Posted 2/6/14


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